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On busby seo test, new pages are moving up and down every hour

There’s a dirty tricks used by one, may be more, contestants in this contest. Let’s roll this sulumits retsambew contest ! Google finally visited my page this morning. Websites that are not helpful or informative about the subject are irrelevant. Some of participants are facing major problem. Just like its name, the contest is to gain highest or 1st position at search engine for keyword sulumits retsambew. This is the method to make GoogleBot to see 301 redirecting into new site. You can be sure this contest is just another SEO contest initiated by an British forum.

A group of webmasters decided to join forces and compete in sulumits retsambew. Try to figure out which words people usually enter into the search bar. It is a contest for a short time of period, no long run. The contest definitely caught attention among webmasters. New pages are moving up and down every hour. I am facing serious problems in Google rankings for the keyword sulumits retsambew, please let me know what the solution is, because I do not understand what Google want to tell me. You can gained quality backlink submitting an URL to directories with high PR. It has been known that Yahoo search algorithm is probably not the best. Google places more weight on off-page factors.

I haven’t decided what to do if I manage to win. As a SEO specialist, I have been doing this for nearly 6 years. Lots of SEOs discuss the need to submit articles for SEO purpose. Some good people, members of the , are participating in the contest. None of the contestants have the targetted keyword in the domain name. I wish Google should eliminate the results which are not useful for the SEO visitors. Your chocoku page covers just some aspects of the query. We can extract the meaning of chocoku, but it won’t be easy.

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  1. Up and down of new pages is just because of their content, used keywords.

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